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Astronomische Bildung

Alexander Küpperastro-lab@homeContributed Talk
Björn PoppeA Cross-Faculty Undergraduate Course in Astronomy and AstrophysicsContributed Talk
Markus PösselDer Office of Astronomy for Education der IAUContributed Talk
Matti GehlenAstronomical education through online exercises: virtual night sky tours and live streamingPoster
Simon KrausMeasurement of the Earthshine as an Undergraduate Level Observational ProjectContributed Talk
Susanne HoffmannDigital SchoolLab Contributed Talk
Theresa OttTelescope drivers’ licensePoster
Tobias HoffmannStudying observational astrophysics using robotic telescopesPoster

Black Holes

Anne-Kathrin BaczkoJet collimation study of the twin-jet in NGC1052Contributed Talk
Frank EisenhauerInfrared Interferometry of the Galactic Center Black HoleContributed Talk
Jinyi ShangguanProbing the active supermassive black hole with VLTI/GRAVITYContributed Talk
Koushik SenX-ray emission from BH + O star binaries expected to descend from the observed galactic WR + O binariesContributed Talk
Luca SalaSub-grid modelling of supermassive black hole accretion, feedback and spin evolution in hydrodynamical simulationsContributed Talk
Norbert Schartel XMM-Newton Highlights of Black Hole ObservationsContributed Talk
Reinhard MeinelRelativistic disc models and black holesInvited Talk
Sayantani LahiriStationary viscous torus around Schwarzschild black holeContributed Talk
Thomas DauserRelativistic Reflection: The Impact of Returning Radiation on Black Hole Spin MeasurementsPoster

Healthy Careers in Astronomy (and beyond)

Francesca FragkoudiOpening remarksInvited Talk
Francesca PrimasEquity in academic hiringInvited Talk
Iris KöhlerNetworking for People Who Don’t Like NetworkingInvited Talk
Juan Carlos Munoz-MateosSwitching from research to science communication during a pandemic: mission possible!Invited Talk
Marcel S. PawlowskiAn Introduction to Time ManagementInvited Talk
Sarah Jane SchmidtFrom the stars back down to Earth: getting a job as a data scientistInvited Talk

Impact of Cosmic Rays on the Physics and Chemistry of Dense Molecular Gas

Christian RabConstraining the energetic particle flux of young stars during the period of planet formation.Contributed Talk
Elena RedaelliThe cosmic-ray ionisation rate in the prestellar core L1544Invited Talk
Kedron SilsbeeConstraining the physics of cosmic ray transport in dense gasInvited Talk
M.E. PalumboChemical and physical effects after ion bombardment of astrophysical ice analogsInvited Talk
Philipp GirichidisSpectrally resolved cosmic rays in MHD simulationsInvited Talk
Sergio IoppoloLaboratory Ice Astrochemistry at ATOMKI - A New Experimental Facility for Ion Impact Studies of Astrophysical Ice AnaloguesInvited Talk

Astronomy in Culture - Cultures of Astronomy

Anna JerratschImagining the Heavens in the Digital AgeContributed Talk
Asterios-Evangelos Kechagias Intercultural Misunderstandings triggered some Transformations of ConstellationsContributed Talk
Björn KunzmannEdward C. Pickering's „A Plan for Securing Observations of the Variable Stars” and its Influence on Astronomy and CultureContributed Talk
Daniel CunnamaInspiration and Engagement with Astronomy Through Khoi and San StarloreContributed Talk
Doris VickersAncient Skies and Stellarium - making cultural astronomical information easily accessibleContributed Talk
Doris VickersMaximilian Hell's contributions to the quarrel about the naming of the planet UranusContributed Talk
Gerd GraßhoffAstronomical significance of KreisgrabenanlagenContributed Talk
Gudrun WolfschmidtCultural Heritage of Observatories - IAU List "Outstanding Astronomical Heritage"Contributed Talk
Jeanette FinckeThe Babylonian GU-textContributed Talk
Michael GeymeierConstellation Cetus: Whale or Monster? Contributed Talk
Steven R GullbergThe Significance of Solstices in the Inca EmpireContributed Talk
Susanne HoffmannStellarium Sky Cultures: Painting Babylonian Contributed Talk
Susanne M HoffmannComparison of Stellarium Sky CulturesContributed Talk
Tim KarbergAstronomical Significance of non-elite burials in the Bayuda region in late anitquity and the medieval periodContributed Talk
V. R. PaiStar names in Indian culture - a search leading to their evolutionContributed Talk
Venketeswara Pai RStar Names in Sanskrit Astronomical literatureContributed Talk
Wayne HorowitzThe Babylonian constellation of APINContributed Talk

EScience und Virtual Observatory

Arman KhalatyanAn infrastructure for the reproducible scientific workflows.Contributed Talk
Caroline HenekaLearning from 3D tomographic 21cm intensity dataContributed Talk
Christian DerschCreating variable star catalogs from public photographic plate archivesContributed Talk
Fenja KollaschUltraPINK returns: Newest developments in visualizing and interacting with Self-Organizing Kohonen MapsContributed Talk
Harry EnkePUNCH4NFDI Consortium Contributed Talk
Markus DemleitnerResource Discovery in the VO: new developmentsContributed Talk
Meetu VermaPractical application of t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding in classifying chromospheric spectraContributed Talk
Nikos GianniotisProbabilistic flux variation gradientContributed Talk
Prapti MondalNew Classification criteria in the red spectral region from 4200 to 9000Å for CP star Poster
Samir NepalA Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Stellar Atmospheric Parameters and Lithium Abundance DeterminationContributed Talk
Thavisha DharmawardenaDeriving the 3D structure of the Milky Way: A fast and scalable Gaussian Process applied to nearby star-formation regionsContributed Talk
Yori FournierMachine Learning on Solar PlatesContributed Talk

Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets

Alexandre EmsenhuberThe New Generation Planetary Population Synthesis (NGPPS): Comparison with the HARPS GTO surveyContributed Talk
Alexis SmithK2-99 revisited: a non-inflated warm Jupiter, and a temperate giant planet on a 523-d orbit around a subgiantContributed Talk
Anton KriegerCharacterization of young accreting planetsContributed Talk
Cassian HerbonLeast-squares deconvolution of HARPS spectraPoster
Cyril GappDeciphering Jupiter’s atmospheric chemistry as a benchmark for extrasolar gas giants using Herschel/PACSContributed Talk
Dimitri VerasMultiple techniques for measuring exoplanets orbiting white dwarfsContributed Talk
Ekaterina IlinUsing direct flare localization to understand exo-space weather and stellar magnetic fieldsContributed Talk
Engin KelesHigh-resolution transmission spectroscopy of the super-Earth 55 Cnc eContributed Talk
Enrique SanchisEffects of tidal heating in Proxima Centauri b's thermal evolutionPoster
F. MackebrandtThe stellar pulsation timing method to detect sub-stellar companionsContributed Talk
Fabian WunderlichDetectability of biosignatures on LHS 1140 bContributed Talk
Julia VenturiniSuper-Earths, mini-Neptunes, and the Radius Valley: linking observations with theoryInvited Talk
Katja PoppenhägerHabitability and loss of planetary hydrogen-helium atmospheres - the K dwarf advantageContributed Talk
Matthias Ammler-von EiffOn stellar chemical abundances for studies of exoplanets - preparing for PLATO science using CoRoT examplesContributed Talk
Moritz LietzowThe potential of polarimetry to characterize clouds in exoplanetary atmospheresContributed Talk
Paula GorriniGJ 832c: an artifact of stellar activity Contributed Talk
Philipp BaumeisterWater oceans on high-density, stagnant-lid exoplanets from coupled interior-atmosphere modelingContributed Talk
René HellerEarth-sized Transiting Planets in the Stellar Habitable Zones - from Kepler to PLATOContributed Talk
Sandra JeffersRedDots: All terrestrial planets within 5pcContributed Talk
Thomas RometschVortices by planets live shortest in disks with moderate coolingContributed Talk
Tobias MoldenhauerAtmospheric recycling of super-Earths and mini-Neptunes: The effects of core mass, headwind and opacityContributed Talk
Yiannis TsaprasFinding cold and distant exoplanets with microlensingContributed Talk
Аhmad Mazidabadi FarahaniRefined ephemeris for three hot Jupiters using ground-bases and TESS observations Contributed Talk

Junge AG - Young AG

Kathrin GrunthalRevisiting the Galactic Double Neutron Star merger and LIGO detection ratesInvited Talk
Lukas WeghsPhotometric Search for Exomoons by using Convolutional Neural NetworksInvited Talk

Public Outreach in der Astronomie / Public Outreach in Astronomy

Andreas HänelReduziert das Insektenschutzgesetz die Lichtverschmutzung?Contributed Talk
Björn VossPreparing for the "Centennial of the Planetarium" outreach campaignContributed Talk
Carolin LiefkeFaszination Astronomie Online: Öffentliche Vorträge in Corona-ZeitenInvited Talk
Daniel FischerSocial Media - die letzten 30 JahreInvited Talk
Gerhard Jaworek"Inklusion am Himmel" geht onlineInvited Talk
Heike RauerOutreach Activities of the DFG funded Priority Program „Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets“ (SPP 1992)Contributed Talk
Kerstin Zerwes-Polgar3, 2, 1….: Liftoff in das Social Media Universum des DLR Invited Talk
Olaf KretzerKarte 2023 - Astronomie in ThüringenContributed Talk

Stars and Stellar Feedback

Abhijeet AnandThe cool circumgalactic medium in absorption with large spectroscopic surveysContributed Talk
Amith GovindClose stellar flybys are common in low-mass clustersContributed Talk
André OlivaThe processes driving jets during the formation of high-mass starsContributed Talk
Ashley BarnesA Balancing Act: Observational determination of the pressures in HII regions across the Galactic Centre and nearby galaxiesContributed Talk
Azlizan Adhyaqsa SoemitroMUSE Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function of NGC 300Contributed Talk
Cristian GuevaraOI] self-absorption effects in M17SW and MonR2Contributed Talk
Ekaterina I. MakarenkoDiagnostic of optical emission from cooling supernova shocks in the multiphase Interstellar MediaContributed Talk
Elizabeth WatkinsIdentifying Molecular Superbubbles in Nearby Galaxies using PHANGS-ALMA 12CO (2-1)Contributed Talk
Enrico Congiu Classification of emission-line nebulae in the PHANGS-MUSE sample: a Bayesian approachContributed Talk
Florian KirchschlagerSupernova induced processing of interstellar dust: impact of ISM gas density and gas turbulenceContributed Talk
Gabriel SzászNew "Pseudo-Rotating" Stellar AtmospheresPoster
Gautham Narayana SabhahitSuperadiabaticity and the metallicity independence of the Humphreys-Davidson limit Contributed Talk
Jaeyeon KimA systematic determination of the evolutionary timescale of successive phases of star formation and gas dispersal by stellar feedback Contributed Talk
KuiperOn the metallicity-dependence of radiation forces and photoionization feedback in massive star formationContributed Talk
Lauren MartiniOn gravitational trapping and ram pressure trapping of ultracompact and hypercompact HII regionsContributed Talk
Mélanie ChevanceFeedback-driven molecular cloud lifecycles in 50 nearby galaxiesContributed Talk
Michalis KourniotisStellar feedback as source of gas dissolution in GMCs : 1D hydrodynamic modelsContributed Talk
Nicola Schneider The impact of expanding CII bubbles on the interstellar mediumContributed Talk
Oleg EgorovIonized superbubbles and their driving stellar association in PHANGSContributed Talk
Raul DominguezReproducing 30 Doradus by N-body simulations and WARPFIELD. Contributed Talk
Roel LefeverImpact of the uncertain velocity fields on the spectral appearance of Wolf-Rayet starsContributed Talk
Sara Rezaei Kh., Daniel SeifriedSubstructures of the molecular clouds: connecting theory and observationContributed Talk
Slawa KabanovicThe importance of self-absorption in [CII], HI, and CO linesContributed Talk
Thomas Y. ChenObserving the high-energy Sun to understand Solar FlaresContributed Talk

Astronomy and Sustainability

A. HänelLight pollution as a threat to optical astronomyContributed Talk
Jan RybizkiClimate impact of flying and computing - aspects to be tackled by the astro communityInvited Talk
Knud JahnkeGlobal greenhouse gas emissions of astronomy conferencing: a 2019 baselineContributed Talk
Leonard BurtscherAstronomers for Planet Earth: how a grass-roots organisation is helping astronomers address the climate crisisInvited Talk
Vanessa MossA sustainable future for astronomy collaboration and conferences?Invited Talk
Volker Ossenkopf-OkadaIntroduction: Astronomy and SustainabilityInvited Talk

Time-domain astronomy

Anjana AshokNew searches for continuous gravitational waves from seven fast pulsarsContributed Talk
B. SteltnerEinstein@Home All-sky Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves in LIGO O2 Public DataContributed Talk
Dirk GrupeLong-term Monitoring of Active Galactic Nuclei with the NASA Swift mission.Contributed Talk
Jing MingResults from an Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves from G347.3 at low frequencies in LIGO O2 dataContributed Talk
Julia TjusTime-dependent multimessenger modeling of blazar flaresContributed Talk
M. KrumpeeROSITA transient search: AGN ignition, shutdowns, cloud events & fast radio burstsContributed Talk
Marcin WronaOne thousand heartbeat stars from the OGLE projectContributed Talk
Nicolas MirandaThe AMPEL System as an Official VRO Community Broker: Current Developments and ApplicationsContributed Talk
Patrick ReichherzerAstro-COLIBRI: novel platform for real-time multimessenger astrophysicsContributed Talk
Patryk IwanekMultiwavelength study of Miras variabilityContributed Talk
Robert SteinThe ZTF Neutrino Follow-up ProgramContributed Talk
Roisín O'Rourke BroganRebirth as a type 1.9 AGN: Optical Monitoring of the Changing-look AGN Mrk 1018Contributed Talk
Sara BusonBuilding a robust sample of periodic gamma-ray blazars detected with the Fermi-LATContributed Talk
Simone GarrappaFermi-LAT realtime follow-ups of high-energy neutrino alertsContributed Talk
Suryarao BethapudiObserving campaigns using uGMRT and Effelsberg of a repeating fast radio burstContributed Talk
Thomas KupferGaia meets LISA: Updated predictions for LISA verification binaries using Gaia EDR3Contributed Talk
Wolfgang HerrmannHigh cadence, long term monitoring of very bright radio transientsContributed Talk
Yuanhao ZhangSearching for Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1Contributed Talk