Contributed Talk - Splinter TimeDomain

Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 14:00   (virtual TimeD)

Astro-COLIBRI: novel platform for real-time multimessenger astrophysics

P. Reichherzer, F. Schüssler, V. Lefranc, J. Tjus
Ruhr-Universität Bochum; IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay

Astro-COLIBRI is a novel tool that evaluates alerts of transient observations in real time, filters them by user-specified criteria, and puts them into their multiwavelength and multimessenger context. Through fast generation of an overview of persistent sources as well as transient events in the relevant phase space, Astro-COLIBRI contributes to an enhanced discovery potential of both serendipitous and follow-up observations of the transient sky. In this contribution, the key features of Astro-COLIBRI are presented. We'll outline the architecture, summarize the used data resources and provide examples for applications and use cases. Focussing on the high-energy domain, we'll for example showcase the search for high-energy gamma-ray counterparts to high-energy neutrinos, gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves.