Contributed Talk - Splinter BlackHoles

Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 14:55   (virtual BH)

Stationary viscous torus around Schwarzschild black hole

Sayantani Lahiri, Sergio Gimeno-Soler, José A. Font and Alejandro Mus Mejías
ZARM, Center Of Applied Space Technology And Microgravity, Universität Bremen

We present stationary solutions of a viscous thick torus obeying constant angular momentum distributions around a Schwarzschild black hole. The stationary solutions correspond systematically considering the purely hydrodynamical case and a magnetized torus endowed with a toroidal magnetic field. Our study primarily focuses on the role of black hole curvature in the shear viscosity tensor on the stationary solutions by adopting a causality-preserving, second-order gradient expansion scheme of relativistic hydrodynamics which gives rise to hyperbolic equations of motion. By solving the general relativistic momentum conservation equation we place constraints in the range of validity of the second-order transport coefficients of the theory. Our results reveal that the effects of the shear viscosity and curvature are particularly noticeable close to the cusp of the disks.