Invited Talk - Splinter Sustainability

Friday, 17 September 2021, 09:15   (virtual Sustain)

Climate impact of flying and computing - aspects to be tackled by the astro community

Jan Rybizki, Knud Jahnke and sustainability group

Decarbonizing our astronomy research is imperative, both since it's our generic responsibility as well as to future-proof our ability to conduct research in 10-20 years time. We know that current flying and computing use have a critically high CO2 footprint per astronomer and paper. For reduction action, there are different layers of responsibility. At the extreme ends we have a personal level and the societal level. In between those, we as a science community need to decide and take action how we want to operate in the future. We want to give input and ideas on how the science practice in flying and computing need to change to facilitate a more sustainable future.