Contributed Talk - Splinter Exoplanets

Thursday, 16 September 2021, 16:30   (virtual Exo)

Characterization of young accreting planets

Anton Krieger, Sebastian Wolf
Kiel University

During its formation a protoplanet undergoes a phase of strong accretion that is accompanied by the emission of bright and hot luminosity. Detecting such a signature may enable us to characterize not only the young accreting planet but also its immediate environment and, additionally, provide an opportunity for directly studying planetary evolution at its arguably most violent stage. In this talk, we present a systematic study of the detectability of young accreting planets and their circumplanetary disks based on fully self-consistent high-resolution Monte-Carlo radiative transfer simulations. In particular, the models consist of a star surrounded by a circumstellar disk harboring a young accreting planet that carves a gap into the disk and is itself surrounded by a circumplanetary disk. Here, we focus on potential detections using VLT/SPHERE and ALMA in the near-IR and (sub)mm, respectively, and present a wide range of gained insights into the challenge that is detecting young accreting planets.