Invited Talk - Splinter CosmicRays

Monday, 13 September 2021, 12:15   (virtual Cosmic)

Spectrally resolved cosmic rays in MHD simulations

Philipp Girichidis, Christoph Pfrommer
ITA Uni Heidelberg, AIP Potsdam

We investigate the dynamical effects of cosmic rays (CRs) in the interstellar medium. CRs are included as a non-thermal component in the advection-diffusion approximation and are dynamically coupled to the gas in the magneto-hydrodynamical simulations. The CRs are spectrally resolved with a full spectrum ranging from sub-GeV to TeV in every computational cell. We therefore account for energy-dependent losses and include an energy-dependent diffusive transport in every cell. We show the differences between a grey CR approximation and our new spectrally resolved CRs concerning the star formation rate, the gas structures in the ISM and galactic outflows. We highlight, where the steady state approximation for CR spectra is a valid approach as well as where and how strongly the spectra vary spatially in different regions of the galaxy.