Splinter Meeting TimeDomain

Time-domain astronomy

Time: Wednesday September 15, 14:00-15:45 and 16:15-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: virtual TimeD

Convenor(s): Anna Franckowiak [1], Laura Spitler [2], Stefan Wagner [3]
[1] Uni Bochum, [2] MPIfR Bonn, [3] LSW Heidelberg

Astronomy enjoys a plethora of new discoveries enabled by the access and availability of detectors and telescopes across a multitude of astronomical windows. Combined they provide a new view on transient astronomy, enabling insight on sources, processes and physics that connect different communities. This splinter will bring together colleagues from electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic observations, discussing new results and further close interactions in the future.


Wednesday September 15, 14:00-15:45 Time-domain astronomy (virtual TimeD)

14:00  Patrick Reichherzer:
Astro-COLIBRI: novel platform for real-time multimessenger astrophysics

14:13  Robert Stein:
The ZTF Neutrino Follow-up Program

14:26  Simone Garrappa:
Fermi-LAT realtime follow-ups of high-energy neutrino alerts

14:39  Julia Tjus:
Time-dependent multimessenger modeling of blazar flares

14:52  Sara Buson:
Building a robust sample of periodic gamma-ray blazars detected with the Fermi-LAT

15:05  Dirk Grupe:
Long-term Monitoring of Active Galactic Nuclei with the NASA Swift mission.

15:18  Roisín O'Rourke Brogan:
Rebirth as a type 1.9 AGN: Optical Monitoring of the Changing-look AGN Mrk 1018

15:25  M. Krumpe:
eROSITA transient search: AGN ignition, shutdowns, cloud events & fast radio bursts

15:38  Nicolas Miranda:
The AMPEL System as an Official VRO Community Broker: Current Developments and Applications

Wednesday September 15, 16:15-18:00 Time-domain astronomy (virtual TimeD)

16:15  Wolfgang Herrmann:
High cadence, long term monitoring of very bright radio transients

16:28  Suryarao Bethapudi:
Observing campaigns using uGMRT and Effelsberg of a repeating fast radio burst

16:41  Thomas Kupfer:
Gaia meets LISA: Updated predictions for LISA verification binaries using Gaia EDR3

16:54  Anjana Ashok:
New searches for continuous gravitational waves from seven fast pulsars

17:04  Jing Ming:
Results from an Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves from G347.3 at low frequencies in LIGO O2 data

17:10  Yuanhao Zhang:
Searching for Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1

17:16  B. Steltner:
Einstein@Home All-sky Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves in LIGO O2 Public Data

17:23  Marcin Wrona:
One thousand heartbeat stars from the OGLE project

17:36  Patryk Iwanek:
Multiwavelength study of Miras variability

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