Contributed Talk - Splinter EScience

Friday, 17 September 2021, 09:20   (virtual ESc)

UltraPINK returns: Newest developments in visualizing and interacting with Self-Organizing Kohonen Maps

Fenja Kollasch

Self-Organizing Kohonen Maps are a promising approach to help with the analysis of big data sets which are often encountered in Astronomy. By showing a dimension of representative shapes, such a Kohonen Map gives a brief overview about morphological structures appearing in the data set. Last year, we introduced UltraPINK, a web-based frontend for the Parallelized rotation and flipping INvariant Kohonen maps framework (PINK). Its basic functions allowed training and visualization of self-organizing maps, as well as interaction, labeling, and export. Yet, the intention behind UltraPINK is bigger. To make one more step on the path towards our final goal of a generic framework for the analysis of astronomical data, we extended UltraPINK among a few features. We will show the new map layouts, communication interfaces with other popular frameworks, and how UltraPINK will improve your experience from just looking at images to interactively exploring your research data.