Contributed Talk - Splinter Bildung

Monday, 13 September 2021, 09:50   (virtual Edu)

Digital SchoolLab

Susanne Hoffmann
Michael Stifel Center for Data Driven Science of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Nowadays, digital material and computational means are more important than ever since: HomeSchooling and lockdowns of museums, public observatories and planetaria have shown the tremendous needs of teaching the usage of modern media and computer science. Although humans appreciate the social contacts with others, many of these new technologies and methods will remain in the future society - in far away or difficult to access landscapes (e.g. Alaska, Canada, Siberia), digital learning and the (not favourable but possible) option of homeschooling has always been a chance to get access to education independent of the powers of nature. Astronomy - as a topic of natural human curiosity - has always been a great "instrument" to teach the most important understandings and newest technologies: Let us use it in extracurricular teaching! In this contribution I will demonstrate some modern digital means that could all together be considered as a "digital schoollab": Let's use Stellarium, Aladin, TopCat and YouTube in order to create projects for autodidactic freetime education!