Contributed Talk - Splinter EScience

Friday, 17 September 2021, 15:05   (virtual ESc)

Creating variable star catalogs from public photographic plate archives

Christian Dersch, Andreas Schrimpf
Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg

In the era of modern surveys, for example Gaia or ZTF, several catalogs of variable stars exist. However, for photographic plate archives, such catalogs do not exist in a larger scale yet. Starting with a comparative analysis of the Bamberg Southern Sky Patrol (BSSP), being a part of the APPLAUSE database, and the modern ASAS-SN survey, we discuss the requirements on data quality, density etc. of photographic plate series to calculate a catalog of variable stars from plate archives. We have two major scientific goals, first: Providing a measure for the precision of photographic plate measurements by comparing statistical properties with modern survey data. The second goal is to study changes of parameters such as period over time, as for example ASAS-SN measurements happened 50 years after BSSP measurements.